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GKrellM Newsticker is a plugin for GKrellM, a great GTK+ system monitor. This plugin scrolls headlines retrieved from news sites like Slashdot and others, each in its own panel.
The plugin comes with RDF entries for Slashdot, KDE Dot News and Gnotices. Integrating custom RDF files can be done in no time using the configuration dialog. The plugin is quite customizable, e.g. the user can set the speed the headlines are scrolled with, how many headlines should be displayed for each site etc. Clicking on a panel brings up the user's favoritoute browser with the site belonging to the panel/headlines.
To easily share RDF URLs resp. newsticker sources, a user's list can be exported and imported.

If you tried it, I'd be happy to get a comment :)

Thanks to Bill Wilson, for creating GKrellM and for answering my questions, and to the developers of libcurl :)

I also wanna thank Daniel McNulty, for contributing a patch that lets the newsticker connect through a proxy, if needed and all the folks e-mailing me their ideas for GKrellM Newsticker :)